Gastro Retentive Drug Delivery System for Canines: A Review

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Gopi Krishna Kunchala
Mahuri K


The earliest ideas for gastro retentive drug delivery systems (GRDDS) were established over five decades ago. Despite substantial study in this area, still, no formulation approach has been proven to cause dependable gastro retention across various prandial settings. As a result, gastro retention is still considered the pinnacle of oral medication administration. The importance of developing medicinal products that satisfy the treatment goals of animal health, as well as attempts to enhance our knowledge of the features of using a dog as an animal model during pharmaceutical product development in human medicine, has attracted attention to the factors impacting GI transit time in canines. Several variables impact the gastrointestinal transit time in dogs and other canines. This review highlights some of these factors along with strategies to be considered during the formulation and evaluation of GRDDS for use in canines.

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